Distributor in Electronic & Transportation Industries YASHIMA & CO., LTD.

Personal Information Protection Policies

YASHIMA realizes the importance of the protection of personal information of our customers, our business partners, and our employees, and has set the following personal information protection policies to ensure that our directors and employees comply with these policies.

  1. We respect and comply with laws and social rules regarding the protection of personal information and strive to handle and protect personal information properly.
  2. We will acquire personal information in an appropriate manner and disclose, notify,and clearly express the purpose of use of this information. We will not use the personal information for purposes other than onethose originally intended without prior consent of the relevant person.
  3. The personal information held by us will not be disclosed to any third parties unless the relevant person consents to the disclosure or it is required by law.
  4. We will manage personal information appropriately and discreetly and take the necessary and appropriate measures to ensure that the information will not be accessed illegally, lost, changed, or leaked.
  5. These policies will be reviewed and amended from time to time in order to meet legal demands and to further improve our personal information protection system.

February 1st, 2009