Distributor in Electronic & Transportation Industries YASHIMA & CO., LTD.


Strong and Affluent Network in Japan

We have built good relationships with JR, private railway companies and our business partner providing best solution, flexible and prompt services. We procure quality components and parts for railway, sophisticated machinery for maintenance workshop through our strong and affluent network. 


Global Network

Based on our long experience and technical know-how cultivated in the field of rolling stock in Japan, we have expanded our international business. We have overseas offices in Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Hanoi, Manila and Jakarta and business partner around the world. YASHIMA contributes to your business procuring reliable products from Japan rail market and selling your products to Japan railway market.


Business Navigator for Railway Industry in Japan

Providing foreign firms with accurate navigation in their sales strategy to the Japanese Railway Industry which is sometimes described as one of the most closed market in Japan even by local companies, with the latest information of demands gathered by the best use of our strategic trade position that we have secured for more than a half century with the finest sales and service activities in this particular industry.